Motivational Momentum Workshop

This page is intended for members of the Enhancing your Motivation workshop I am offering during August 2012.

I want you to work directly and specifically at launching or in some cases continuing an already launched initiative to enhance your weight management motivation toward a more internalized/integrated or intrinsic nature.  If you understand that assignment, GREAT!!  If you understand the concept but do not understand how to actually do that, try this:

You need to identify relevant values, objectives, motivations you hold deeply - and find application of healthy eating to the furthering along of these things that matter to you so deeply. 

Specifically, I gave my own example in my email last week.  My value being mental alertness and emotional clarity...

Now we have the examples some of you presented in our session this Saturday.  Remember, the values, objectives and motivations need to be yours...things you hold deeply.  Take one or some of those that are central for you and then find ways in which your healthy food choice will further along your achievement of your objective or value. 

Take this on and hone your understanding of the relation between the value and healthy eating to where you actually approach an eating decision or more each day with the conscious insertion of the fact of this link (e.g. "I am going to choose the food that will enhance the lighter feeling of being energized and able to walk around easily for the hours ahead." -  if that is the sort of thing that you feel a deep desire to achieve... or even "I am going to choose the food that will help me along with the weight change I want to accomplish because I know that the woman I care about will be pleased by this." -  You probably remember both examples from our session Saturday.  Notice that in the second example, the objective of pleasing the woman renders the motivation technically external or introjected - but I endorse the deliberate action of consciously thinking out the motivation none-the-less.  As you become conscious of being able to insert criteria that will help you with the food decision, you can then move along to where what you insert is increasingly self-determining.

We will explore and discuss much more about this on Saturday.

Below are some articles I have drawn together for you.  I urge you to select one and simply begin reading it with the objective of finding one thing in the article that you think helps you understand or refine what you have learned to this point.  You do not have to read each article.  You do not need to even read a whole article.  Just read until you have something you can share with us on Saturday.

Happy Motivating!!!!